What's included in the $500 fee?

   Included are meetings to plan out your wedding, the rehearsal (if I'm available), a personalized ceremony, and mailing in the signed marriage license.  I never want money to keep someone from having a perfect wedding. If the cost is a big concern, let’s talk it over.   

Can we incorporate our ideas and cultural traditions?

 Of course! See the "Ceremony Outline"  on the "Personalize Your Wedding" page for ideas for those who need help in designing their ceremony.  I am very flexible to customize your wedding to your liking. It is your wedding, so please choose what you want to include in it. Be Creative! 

Does the ceremony have to be religious?

 My feeling is that the ceremony should reflect the couple and I would only include as much “religious-talk” as you were comfortable with. As a Christian Minister, I enjoy incorporating a simple prayer and a bible verse if the couple is willing, but don't require anything in particular. It is your ceremony, so it should include only what you desire. We can talk it over at our initial meeting. 

Do you offer Pre-Marital Counseling?

 As part of the initial meeting, I will give you a list of questions I'd like you to go over prior to the wedding--see the "Premarital Questions" page.  We can discuss any issues concerning marriage and relationships you might have.  I am more than willing to meet again for further discussion since many times it is easier to talk over sensitive issues with a third party present. As an ordained minister with some counseling experience, I can offer insight and wisdom to engaged couples, but there are not any requirements for counseling before the wedding.

Where do we get the Marriage License?

 You will need to go to a County Courthouse prior to the wedding to obtain a license. They are good for 90 days and there is a fee. They are good for any county in California, so you do not need to purchase it in the same county as the ceremony.  At the rehearsal, I will take the license from you, and at the wedding get the necessary signatures.  I will mail it in myself after the ceremony so that you can be off to your honeymoon without worrying about paperwork.   

Do you usually stay for the reception?

 I don't normally stay and certainly wouldn't expect you to buy a plate for me.  I typically stick around for a little while, but leave before you finish your pictures so that you can enjoy the reception with your friends and family.