Premarital Questions


Life In The Home

--Who was the leader in your home as a child?  How well did you respond to that authority?

--How do you plan to handle decision making in your new home?

--How do you plan to divide up home responsibilities?

--Have you discussed having children & how many? What would you expect out of parenthood?

Spiritual Atmosphere

--What was the spiritual atmosphere of your home growing up?

--How well do you relate spiritually together?

--What kind of spiritual environment will you want to raise your children in?

Financial Responsibility

--Are you more of a spender or a saver?  How will you make decisions about major purchases?

--Who in your family took care of the finances?  Was your family in debt very much?

--Which of you will be responsible for the finances?  Will you have a budget?

Conflict Resolution

--How did your parents resolve conflict?  (Yelling, Silent Treatment, Discussing, etc)

--Did the way they resolved conflict seem to work?

--How do you resolve issues now?  Does it seem to work for you?  How can you improve? 

--Are you a “fighter” or “fighter”?  How does the other respond to your conflict style?

Time Issues

--How have you dealt with time issues in your dating?

--Are you more into quality or quantity time?

--How did you spend free time as a child?  As an adult?  As a couple?

--How well do you handle the stress of occasionally not having much time together?

Communication Issues

--On a scale 1-10, how well do you communicate?  What do you base your answer on?

--Where do you need to improve your communication?

--What is one topic that you know is "off-limits" to talk about?

--Which one of you needs more time communicating in order to feel connected?